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Ultimate Koi Clay is an Essential Additive to Your Pond or Water Garden

HOLIDAY SPECIAL: I'm working on a new edition of the Koi Village Koi Identification and Information which includes koi history, koi pictures alphabetically, koi pictures by class, and a 250-word glossary with voice pronunciation by the Japanese language professor at ETSU, Ms. Junko Tezuka-Arnold. Between now and January 2, 2019 anyone that orders any size or quantity of Ultimate Koi Clay will be emailed a link to the Koi Identification and Information when it is finished which will be before Thanksgiving Day.

Water quality is the most important factor in a koi pond or water garden. In almost all cases, the water used to fill our beautiful ponds is deficient in most of the minerals and trace elements needed to allow our koi and goldfish to reach their maximum potential.

The highest quality koi in the world are raised in mud bottom ponds. The leading koi experts in the world agree that the type of clay which contains the most minerals and trace elements is bentonite / montmorillonite clay.

All high-quality bentonite / montmorillonite clays have more than 60 minerals and trace minerals, but the balance of those minerals is different in each source. Major minerals such as calcium, chloride, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and sodium are included in the fish foods. What is most important is having a calcium bentonite clay with a higher percentage of trace minerals since those are the minerals that have been leached out of our soils and water.

Ultimate Koi Clay has taken the time and effort researching and testing samples from dozens of mines to find the best source of calcium bentonite clay. You can be assured that Ultimate Koi Clay has been laboratory tested to confirm it will provide the proper minerals for your fish when used according to our dosing instructions.

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After reading your product information about the mineral content of Koi Clay and that plants can benefit from it as well as fish, I decided to mix about a half cupful of the clay in with the soil in each container when we repotted our water lilies early last summer. I don't know if we can give credit to the clay, but we sure had multiple blooms all summer on all eight of our different water lilies last year. We know several people with ponds and visited many of them last year. I didn't see one with as many blooms as we had all summer. I'm not going to risk not using it for our water plants next year!


Koi Clay is one of the very best products I have ever used. After only two weeks I noticed clearer water and my koi were much deeper in color and more active. Koi Clay is not expensive and is worth a try.


This stuff is amazing ~ my neighbor asked if I had drained the pond and added new water cause she said "it was green yesterday”?

Also my water hyacinth have had a growth spurt of new shoots. The final test came on the weekend when my waterfall and one side of the pond collapsed dumping rock and mud into the pond ~ so much for my clear water. Tossed in a couple spoonful’s of KC and honestly I am not being paid to endorse this product but it was gin clear the next day ~ just had to suck up a little debris from the bottom.

I did have to rinse my filter pads every day when I was first clearing the pond (they were bad) but now that it's clear I don't need to rinse as often.


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